Do you drive your own car for business purposes?

If you've answered yes to this question, you're identified in business terms as a 'grey fleet' driver. Did you know that depending on the number of miles travelled, you could save money by hiring a vehicle? And you will have the advantage of driving a car with the latest vehicle technology and avoid further depreciation of your own vehicle.

We have devised the 'Grey Fleet Calculator' below to act as a handy tool for you to use to work out whether a hire car is a more cost effective option for your trip. Some of the fields have been pre-populated with typical values for grey fleet / hire vehicles but feel free to update them with your own specific details for a more accurate calculation.

Determine your CO2 emissions

CO2 emissions for all Europcar vehicles are supplied with fleet details

Figure based on a typical vehicle in our compact vehicle category including Collision Damage and Theft Waiver

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Calculate your total journey mileage, visit

Figures based on the rules for calculation supplied by:

Single Trip

Your car & cost data

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‡Based on the average CO2 of a vehicle registered in 2010 using SMMT data

Hire Car Details

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Journey Recommendation

Number of miles/day above which car hire is cheaper than driving own car
  • Spot hire cost
  • Own car cost

Saving by using hire car

Hire travel could save you the following on this journey:

Disclaimer: The calculator uses a number of assumptions based on typical hire car, to calculate savings as such users are advised to excercise their own due diligence before using the figures generated for any decisions.